Merry Christmas and have a joyful 2022!

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Christmas has a different shine in 2021 because it´s the first with FBM Digital Systems, a gift idealized by FBM for a long time that is now changing the online casino gaming scene. This season was always special for me, because it's a moment of reunion that dissolves any distance that might exist between you and your loved ones, fulfilling houses with joy and good memories. 

This distance also reminds me of a not so distant past, when FBMDS was just an ambitious vision for igaming. It´s so rewarding to see what we are creating with our team, clients and partners in this debut year! We went from the paper to screens and became an online gaming provider with visibility in different markets across the world. 

That’s the best gift I could ask for in the first Christmas while leading this exciting project, and there are no kind words that can express the gratitude that I feel for all the people responsible for this success. 

Now it´s time to relax and take the fun to the offline world, around the table enjoying a good games evening with our kids, parents, siblings and everyone who raises our spirit along the year. I hope that this Christmas and 2022 bring you all the personal and professional achievements that you wish for. 

Grab a Christmas sweet, embrace your family and enjoy the atmosphere of kindness and sharing typical of this season! 

Merry Christmas and have a joyful 2022! 

Enjoy this beautiful season,
Roberto Regianini